DN-NSM 2015

 November 15 pre-registration is open – ES’PA + 9th USPEX workshop = DN-NSM 2015
April 8 registration/payment and support request are open+ abstract for posters and short communications submission
May 15 deadlines for registration, if requesting funds + posters + short communications + support request + VISA assistance
June 1 deadline for poster abstract submission; short presentations (7 mn talk) will be invited from selected contributions; decisions on financial support will be made. All contributions for the book should be received by JUNE 1
June 1 payment deadline; deadine for registration, if NOT requesting funds and no VISA assistance
June 22 9 am Beginning of ES’PA 2015, Electronic structures: a practical approach – hands-on tutorial
June 24 5 pm End of ES’PA hands-on tutorial – Cheeses&Wines party
June 25 10 am Beginning of 9th USPEX workshop
June 30 16:00 End of DN-NSM 2015 workshop